Swing gate

Swing gates are an economical, convenient and safe way to provide entry and exit to yards, areas, parking lots and garages.

Swing gates are most often installed in large areas, where the opening and closing of the gate does not interfere with the movement of traffic and people.

Hinged gates are also used as garage gates, which are equipped with a remote control and electrical mechanisms.

The hinged gate can be made as a metal frame, which can then be filled with wooden boards, metal pipes, metal forgings, according to the customer’s wishes.

Swing gates are installed with specially reinforced hinges that can swing inward and outward.

The swing gate is also equipped with an Italian-made mechanical electric drive and a remote control, which ensures convenient operation of the gate.

This type of swing gate automation does not require a backup system.

In case of power failure, the gate can be opened manually by unlocking the gate automation with a special key.

It is often necessary to install a small gate for people next to the hinged gate.

In such cases, we offer to install the small gates next to the large ones, or to incorporate the small gates into the large gate leaf, equipping them with handles and hooks, padlocks and other necessary elements.