Gate automation

Automation, Garage gate automation, Gate automation mechanisms

Long-term and safe operation of automatic gates requires safe gate automation control systems and automation elements.

In our work, we use safe and well-regarded Italian products in many countries

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Gate automation is divided according to gate types: there are hinged gates, lifting gates, sectional gates, and gate automation is divided in the same way: there are hinged gate automation, lifting gate automation and sliding gate automation.

All automatic gates can be opened and closed manually as needed.

Automation for swing gates

Swing gate automation uses a variety of types of automation. The most commonly used gate drive motors are of the standard linear type.

There are situations when, for technical or aesthetic reasons, this standard linear type automation and engine cannot be used.

For example, if a wide goal post is used. In such cases, it is better to use underground gate automation or lever automation.

If the gate automation is already installed between narrow metal posts, then the gate automation of a special lever system is installed.

In cases where gate automation is to be installed on forged metal gates with high aesthetic and artistic value, an underground gate automation system is used.

Hydraulic linear type gate automation is used for large-sized gates.

Very often in gate systems it is necessary that one of the gate stages is working. It is also often necessary to operate quickly and in automatic mode. In such cases, we equip the gate with an automatic photo element, which ensures the operation of the gate automation without disturbing work processes.

Sliding gate automation

Linear feed is used in automatic and electric feed mechanisms of sliding gates.

The automation of sliding gates of private houses and electric supply mechanisms for gates weighing up to 400 kg are found very individually in each situation.

For sliding gate systems of industrial and industrial facilities, 400 to 1600 kg with high movement intensity,

Each object has its own solutions. For example, an industrial facility needs sliding gates with partial closure to allow people to move freely, we also have good solutions in such cases. If necessary, we equip the gate with a photo element, which ensures automatic opening and closing of the gate.

Sectional garage gate automation

The most diverse types of automation are used in Veramo gate automation. Gate feed motors of the standard linear type are most commonly used.

The most complex gate automation and power supply mechanisms are exactly for sectional type garage gates.

This is explained by the special technical requirements for this type of gate electric supply mechanisms.

They should operate with little noise and change the trajectory of the gate movement when encountering an obstacle.

There are two types of gate automation for sectional garage gates.

The first type. With direct attachment of the engine to the garage door support.

It is mainly used in industrial facilities, because this type of power supply engines and mechanisms have high operating parameters. Engines of this type are divided into categories and are suitable for Sectional garage doors of different weights and sizes.

The second type. With mounting of the electric motor to the ceiling.

This type of gate automation and power supply engines and mechanisms are used for small garage gates, also in these cases different engines can be used to ensure different movements. The most important parameters are the width and height of the garage door. have high operating parameters. Engines of this type are divided into categories and are suitable for Sectional garage doors of different weights and sizes.