Parking space reservation barriers

Parking reservation barriers are the best method of protecting individual parking spaces. Also, parking barriers are used as an entrance barrier in the arches of residential buildings or near pedestrian areas.

Parking barrier mechanical can also be used as a barrier, and it has a lower price and is easier to install.

These barriers are the most suitable solution for blocking the entry of unwanted vehicles in loading-unloading areas near shops or restaurants.

Our manufactured parking barriers are galvanized and powder-coated, which allows metal parts to be protected from

negative effects of sand, water and salt.

According to the order, the barrier can be painted in any RAL color.

Parking barriers are intended for use in a wide range of air temperature fluctuations: from -30° C to 60° C.

According to the instructions of the customer, light-reflecting strips can be pasted on the barrier, which improves the barrier’s visibility in the dark.

In addition to the mechanical parking barrier, we also offer an automatic parking barrier.

Automatic parking systems are easy to control with the help of the remote control.

This device will quickly and effectively block access to your parking space so that other drivers do not enter it.

The price of the automatic barrier VE.SOR (Beninca, Italy) including the remote control is €490 (VAT included).