Sectional type garage gates

Sectional garage doors are currently the most common type of garage door. The sectional garage door is a convenient and functional structure, which consists of several horizontal elements, which are fastened together with hinges. Sectional garage doors are most often equipped with electric gate automation, which is powered by an electric motor with a remote control. Our company specializes in installing sectional garage doors manufactured by Teckentrup (Germany), Bremet (Italy), FlexiForce (Netherlands). These companies have many years of experience and have long proven themselves as manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality and safe products. WHY BUY A SECTIONAL GARAGE DOOR? The popularity of sectional garage doors is natural and easy to understand. The advantages of Sectional Garage Doors are: Safety, the elements are made of two metal plates

Heat insulation, are filled with high-quality polyurethane heat-insulating filling. As a result, sectional garage doors are safe, heat-insulating and economical, and reliably protect against garage break-ins. Your car is safe. For Sectional Garage Doors, the work panel is placed on the ceiling, it saves space in front of the garage door. You no longer need to leave your car to open sectional garage doors. Sectional garage doors are equipped with electric gate automation, which can be controlled by remote control.

In cases when the power supply is interrupted, the gate can be opened by hand, before unlocking it with a special key. Sound insulation, sectional garage doors do not make a lot of noise during operation. Heat insulation. Unlike ordinary metal gates, in our winter conditions, sectional garage gates with heat-insulating filling protect the premises from heat loss. Design. Original modern design Sectional garage doors with a wide selection of colors and designs are applicable to all architectural and design requirements. WHY DO YOU BUY SECTIONAL GARAGE DOORS FROM SIA “Titāns-R”

When you buy sectional garage doors from SIA Titāns-R, you get indisputable advantages.

  • Quality guarantees. Extensive experience, professional employees, reliable suppliers allow us to provide our gates with the highest quality product with operational guarantees.
  • Reasonable prices. Direct contacts with suppliers and a clear pricing policy allow us to offer attractive prices for our products and services. 1zam
  • Individual approach. Our experienced specialists, after consulting with you and going to the object, will take into account all the specific moments, measure the dimensions and offer several options for garage door solutions. Thus, you will get the most optimal garage door solution.
  • Operative and fast order fulfillment time. A few days after completing the documents, Sectional Garage Doors
  • will be ready for operation.