Roller grates

Roll grilles –Moving system grilles that provide value protection for stained glass windows.

Roller grilles are nowadays an integral safety element in shopping centers, shops, offices and other premises.

Thanks to the roller bars, the showcase works even in the dark.

Roll bars are certified protection against burglary that can be successfully used in offices, banks, cafes and restaurants. Roll grilles are made of extremely durable aluminum profiles with square windows. Roll grating main advantages: Keeping a single style in one object .

Roll grilles can be placed in windows of windows from 7 to 21 m2 using reinforcing profiles that provide additional stability for roller grilles. High security, resistance to hacking.

Roller grilles are certified, each security level against hacking has its own European Union security certificate.

The special locking profile for connecting the roller grates to the floor ensures the roller grates against unauthorized lifting (opening).

24-hour operation of Shopping Centers, Stores, Showcases, even when the store is closed, is possible thanks to roll bars.

You can also see new product promotions and offers at night, and then return to the store to buy them during the day.
The ability to raise and lower the roll grates at any moment when needed is an indisputable advantage of roll grates over ordinary metal grates, which are stationary and immovable.
The wide selection of colors for roller grilles allows you to be original and gives additional decorative elements to the showcase, facade, building.