Sliding gates

Sliding Gates is a modern and economical automatic gate solution.

Sliding gate opens (slides) parallel to the fence, in the roller hanging mechanism, and significantly saves the area.

Sliding gates slide 7-9 cm above the ground, so no special cleaning of gate automation and power supply mechanisms is required in winter weather conditions.

We offer sliding gates that use the original Italian-made roller electric feed system, automatic.

Next, the customer can use the frame as needed, filling it with metal mesh, wooden boards, rannil elements, etc.Sliding gates are made as a metal frame.

If small gates are needed, then according to the customer’s wishes, we can place them right next to each other, or incorporate the small gates directly as a part of the big gate.

Sliding gates are equipped with a remote control and are easy to operate.

If there is a power failure, the sliding gate can be opened (slid) by hand, first unlocking the electric control mechanism with a special key.

Sliding gates can also be used without automation and electric supply mechanisms