Mechanical protective barriers

We offer for your attention self-produced mechanical barriers.

Who needs manual barriers these days, if all crossings are already equipped with automatic ones?

As practice shows, there are many cases where a simple, safe and durable hand-operated mechanical barrier is required.

Furthermore, there are models that can be equipped with an electric drive upon request, which allows the mechanical barrier to be switched to an automatic one.

We are a manufacturer, so we can offer the end consumer ready-made solutions that are in stock, as well as for specialized and state organizations to make non-standard constructions according to the customer’s drawings.

Reasons why a mechanical barrier is sometimes a better choice than an automatic barrier:

1. There is no electricity at the place of installation – an important, but not the main reason.

2. Low traffic intensity. Mechanical barriers are widely used in yards with a small number of parking spaces, at entrances to forest park areas, to block roads where utility vehicles rarely pass.

3. Increased resistance to vandals is required – an automatic barrier, especially installed outside the video surveillance area, is easy prey for vandals: a curb stone made of metal sheets can be easily opened, an aluminum boom is easily cut and creates more interest for those who hand over scrap metal, and various safety devices (photocells , warning lamps). – easy to tear off. Manual barrier – made of thick-walled pipes and profiles of ordinary steel. Barrier construction elements prevent unauthorized disassembly and dismantling.

4. Increased durability of the product is required – a massive metal barrier creates much less desire to ram it on the car and break it by hand than an automatic one with a light aluminum boom.

5. There is a budget – a mechanical barrier is cheaper than an automatic barrier and does not require regular maintenance. Our assortment includes models for any budget and task – from the simplest to automatic anti-ram for sensitive objects.

All the barriers of our production are made of thick-walled metal tubes, treated with hot zinc and painted in powder, which guarantees a long service life and an attractive appearance.

The cost of the simplest models of economic type rotating barriers – from€300.