Automatic barriers

Automatic barriers are most often used to limit and regulate transport movement.

Automatic barriers are used for entry into closed areas, parking lots and other cases where it is necessary to regulate and limit the movement of motor vehicles.

Automatic barriers are controlled by remote control.

For the use of automatic barriers, they can be equipped with a photo element, with an identification card.

Our company will find the most optimal solution for automatic barriers, which will take into account the flow of traffic in your facility, as well as the necessary compliance with the safety regime.

For safer automatic barrier operation, we can additionally equip: Flashing beacon; Equip the barrier boom with a chain of light-emitting diodes, with light-reflecting stickers Slow down the barrier in the end phase. Automatic barriers are equipped with rubber elements on the boom.

Automatic Barrier equip the remote control. The barriers also worked with manual control if the power supply was interrupted.

We only sell NICE, V2 and DASPI automatic barriers.